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Welcome to Individual Life Facilitation Portal, our initiative to enable the sales force in extending the best services to Participants, they can have access to the detail of all memberships falling under their codes. Similarly, the managers will be able to view portfolio details of DSF in their reporting. For instance, a Branch Unit Head would be able to view the particulars of memberships not only falling under his code but also under the codes of the ABUH and TC in his team as well. Moreover, the senior management will also be able to monitor Portfolio, Persistency etc of memberships falling under the codes of the team reporting to them.

Why Register?

  • Easy access to detail of memberships falling under your code.
  • View Pending Business Status, Issuance Status & Non-productive Business instantly.
  • The primary agent will be able to view current Cash Value and no. of units of these memberships 24/7
  • Refer to relevant Circulars and several guidelines such as Underwriting Guidelines,
  • PBS Guidelines, Service Officers Guidelines etc.
  • Refer to and download relevant Forms & Questionnaires of NMAD & PBS Department .
  • Download several MIS Reports & Letters on real time basis such as Contribution Due Listing,Unit Report
  • Renewal Listing, Lapse Listing, Participants' Service Report, Renewal / Reminder Letters, Lapse Advice etc.
  • Find targets and other details pertaining to ongoing contests.

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